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What We Do

We offer consultancy services that deliver tangible results for people, businesses and places. Through innovative ideation we create new models, products, and services for both every day and complex business issues.

Consultancy services abound, and many sit in the middle ground relying on buzz words, rhetoric and theory to consistently up-sell time and services. In contrast, we are pioneering and progressive and create bespoke solutions that deliver. We believe that the methodologies of successful business are changing, and that purpose is the driving force for achieving profit.

Our strengths are in unpacking siloed activities and joining them up for good

• Corporate Social responsibility
• Sustainability
• Talent Management
• Wellbeing
• Responsible Procurement
• Supply Chain Management

Why It Matters

We are all demanding change.

Now, more than ever, we want to own, work for, buy from, talk about and collaborate with, organisations that deliver bold solutions for both business and society.

We see this as the commercialising of development opportunities across the physical facets of the global village – social, environmental, and economic. Highlighting the interdependencies between society and commerce, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are the first universal matrix for achieving a sustainable future. Most importantly they offer sustainable business development opportunities that create competitive advantage.

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Tass Mavrogordato, leads Fantasstic Solutions with a passion for making a difference to the things that matter.

Tass has experience in turn-around and growth across the creative industries and has worked across charity, for profit and not-for-profit sectors. Holding the position of Chief Executive for over a decade, Tass has worked with businesses from global brands and household names to start-ups, NGO’s and community organisations.

Fantasstic Solutions draws on a wide network of individuals and brands for collaborations and partnership working where required.





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